Amy and Graham (The Manor House ~Littleton, CO)

Rain didn’t stop Amy and Graham from having the best day ever! The two met abroad while Amy was working in England. Graham is from England and the two fell in love. It takes a lot of love for someone to move across the world but Graham wanted to take the leap across the pond and settle in with Amy in Colorado. The rain cleared up right after the ceremony and we were able to capture some photos outside. The reception began and everyone was having the best time. We asked Amy a few questions about the day and this is what she said…

In your words, how did you and Graham meet?

Graham would tell you that I catfishes him lol but we met at work. I had the opportunity to go to work in our Liverpool office for 5 months. I met him through a co-worker. He made me laugh all the time and we had so much fun together. When it was time for me to come back to Denver, we decided to continue the relationship.

How did Graham propose?

While visiting me, Graham broke his wrist at a friends wedding – he tried to do a backflip after some liquid courage lol. Because of his broken wrist, he ended up extending his stay. I learned later that he planned on proposing to me on his next trip back in November, but I found out I’d be in Brazil for work, so he decided to push up the proposal. We went for a drive in the mountains to see the fall colors and he packed a picnic. We found a spot to pull over and set up. I knew something was up because he was acting strange and he kept checking his pocket. While we were looking for a spot to set up the blanket and food, he grabbed my hand, shaking, and got down on one knee and asked me. It was perfect 🙂

What was your favorite moment of your wedding day?

My favorite moment, was probably my mom and dad walking me down the aisle and seeing Graham for the first time. I think I had a huge smile on my face from that moment on throughout the whole ceremony.

4. Were there any funny moments to be remembered forever about your day? Where there any mishaps?

The fire alarm went off during my father/daughter dance. My dad and I weren’t sure what to do, so we just kept dancing and looking around for someone to tell us if there was really a fire or if we needed to leave. Thankfully there wasn’t a fire, but the fire department had to come and shut off the alarm. It ended up being a funny story and we have some very memorable pictures 🙂

Do you have any advice for a future bride to be/or groom before their wedding?

I think an important thing is to go with the flow the day of the wedding. There are bound to be things that go wrong, but there’s not much you can do about it, so just go with it and have fun. Besides the fire alarm, I had hoped to have our ceremony outside, but it poured all day, so we ended up moving it inside, and honestly, I loved how everything turned out. My florist and The Manor House did an amazing job of making the ballroom look so beautiful for the ceremony! I loved it! Also, be present and soak in every moment you can. The day goes by so fast, so enjoy it 🙂

Venue: The Manor House

Florist: Joe Donna Gibson

DJ:The Master Piece DJ / Perry Washington

Second Photographer: Karen Wigotow

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