Lauren and Jerrold (The Manor House)

Lauren and Jerrold were married on a gorgeous fall day at the Manor House in Littleton, CO. Lauren was one of the cutest brides I have ever had and she was so nervous and excited to marry her dreamboat. They did a first look and saw each other and all of the nerves melted into laughter and kisses. They said I do in the beautiful back yard and enjoyed the rest of the evening with friends and family. I asked Lauren a few questions about the wedding day and here is what she said…

In your words, how did you and Jerrold meet?

Jd and I met my freshman year of college, his junior year, at Lake Forest College- north of Chicago. We both played soccer in college and met at the first soccer party of the year where the girls and boys team meet one another.

How did Jerrold propose?

Jerrold proposed on my family’s boat at sunset on Clear Lake in Iowa. This is where I spent all my summers growing up as a kid and it was the last time we went to the lake before moving to San Francisco from Chicago. He proposed with just the two of us on the boat and then my family was waiting for us to celebrate when we got back to the house. Unedited version: I was very tired from moving our entire apartment the day before and very hungover from our friends going away party for us the night before and when he asked me to go on the boat for a sunset ride I said no. I don’t really like boat rides all that much and was very tired. I said the only way I would go is if Tucker our family’s golden retriever could come along and if he let me sleep on the boat. I clearly had zero idea this was coming and was wearing my workout clothes from earlier in the day still!  

What was your favorite moment of your wedding day?

This is such a hard question! I haven’t even thought about it before until right now. I think the best moment was exchanging our vows. It felt so special and truly beautiful to exchange those promises in front of so many people we loved. It was also such an amazing moment to hear the person I love and adore promise me that he will spend the rest of his life loving me and being beside me. After that I would say the dancing- the band was incredible and I had so much fun dancing with Jd and all our friends for hours. 

Were there any funny moments to be remembered forever about your day? Where there any mishaps?

Oh there are so many funny moments and mishaps! First, the carbon monoxide detectors went off at the Airbnb where we got ready so we had to evacuate the house and call the fire department and then they had to come to inspect the home. It ended up being the hairspray set off the detectors, and once we opened the windows, everything was fine. On the plus side, we did a little photo shoot of me with the firefighters and inside the truck which was very funny. Also, my dress was a little too big and extremely wrinkly so my aunt and best friend spent the entire morning trying to fix my dress for me! My shoe also broke, and Jd’s brother missed the shuttle and couldn’t find an Uber to bring him to the venue and was late. My face also broke out the week before from getting my eyebrows waxed. The list could go on and on! So many funny things happened, but everything was still the perfect day for us! The weather is also the biggest thing we talk about. Jd says, “we hit the weather jackpot” because the day before the wedding it was 40 degrees and I was so scared to have an outdoor wedding. For the ceremony, it ended up being sunny and 60 degrees and then snowed over three inches that evening and we woke up to freezing snow everywhere! We got so lucky!

Do you have any advice for a future bride to be/or groom before their wedding?

I think everyone getting married needs to go into the weekend knowing things will go wrong. Someone will be late, or bring a random guest last minute, or spill a drink everywhere. There is so much outside of your control that can and most likely will go wrong, but none of that changes you marrying your partner and best friend. During the planning process, Jd would always keep things in perspective by saying, “Does this impact my ability to marry you on October 13, 2018?” And at the end of the day, none of those small details did and that is really what the day is about, uniting in love with your partner for the rest of your lives! 

Venue: The Manor House

Flowers: Kimball Floral

Band: Honeycomb Band

Hair/Make-Up: Wedlocks Bridal

Dress: BHLDN

Second Photographer: Vanessa Miranda

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