Tamara and Jacob (The Pines at Genesee~ Genesee, CO)

Tamara and Jacob were so happy to say I do and have all of their families there to watch. The two live out of state and decided to get married here, it was so beautiful and perfect. I asked Tamara a few questions about the day and this is what she said…

In your words, how did you and Jacob meet?

Jacob and I met through mutual friends in our first year of college. We always went to the same hookah lounge in downtown Pueblo because that was the only thing “cool” we could do between the ages of 18-21.  We actually ended up being best friends for 7 years before we finally ended up telling each other that we both had hidden feelings for each other. So now we have a solid friendship of 8 years, together for 1.

How did Jacob propose?

Jacob has this whole plan for Valentine’s Day called “Operation Heart Attack” that all of my friends and family were in on. He totally surprised me while at work. He flew in, waited in the ambulance bay, and my charge nurse took me outside to “help her with a patient” that an ambulance was bringing in (I’m an ER nurse). Little did I know, Jacob was out there about to get down on one knee! I also hadn’t seen him for almost two months.

What was your favorite moment of your wedding day?

My favorite moment was when we got away for a little bit to take pictures in the rain under the lights. It was the only time we really had to ourselves the entire night. We were able to sit under the lights and really take in that we were married. 

Were there any funny moments to be remembered forever about your day? Were there any mishaps?

My vows made everyone laugh. And when we cut the cake, someone shouted that we were cutting it upside down, we were dumb enough to look at the cake and knife thinking we were doing something upside down. 

 Do you have any advice for a future bride to be/or groom before their wedding?

Advice for future couples…. book Casey as your photographer ? Also, don’t sweat the small stuff. Focus on enjoying your night and don’t let anything or anyone mess that up for you. This is literally a once in a lifetime night.

Venue: The Pines at Genesee

DJ: Mike with JAMMIN

Videographer: Giovanni Gonzalez with vannifilms

Bakery: Bittersweets bakery

 Hair: Taylor Allen at House of Beauty

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