Julie and Ian (The Manor House~Littleton, CO)

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These two are incredible together! It’s always so great when my clients become friends and these guys did. They made their wedding day so personalized and did exactly what they wanted and had fun ever moment. I asked Julie a few questions about her wedding day…

In your words, how did you and Ian meet?

 I creeped on his profile on okcupid. He took a chance with my blank profile and emailed me back. We emailed back and forth and finally met up for drinks. While having drinks was when I realized I had been objectifying him all Summer – I was working for my stepdad doing deliveries and was doing stops in this office building and Ian was the hottie sitting at the front desk in the office looking into the office I was doing deliveries. 

What was your favorite moment of your wedding day?

Having my Mom be able to be there. The family were all there and that fills my heart. Families and friends meeting for the first time. I loved the photo session with just Ian and I (we make each other laugh so hard and Casey is an awesome guide), I loved that we “couch toured” the wedding with social media livestream. First dance was amazing, the PIZZA CUTTING was fantastic (had no idea our buddy was going to say something) – but all in all- Having everyone rush the floor for the last song of the night. It’s a Phish song, Tweezer Reprise- they usually play it to end of a show. Not all our friends and family are Phish fans. But EVERYONE was out there. Dancing their asses off. My best friend, who doesn’t like Phish, asked me weeks later for the name of the song. 

Were there any funny moments to be remembered forever about your day? Were there any mishaps?

Ok, pizza cutting moment goes here for sure. Had no idea our buddy was going to say something. Knew he was going to dress up a little and bring his antics, but had no idea to what level. You can see my surprise in the pictures. There is a shot of him like taking the pizza cutter to Ian’s chest, with his tongue out. And the fact that we fed each other pizza instead of cake, to the song “Business Time” by Flight of the Conchords, will always bring a smile to my face. Also, my Dad’s ride leaving him after the reception was was pretty funny. He just came to the after party! He was just hanging out and socializing with everyone. One of our guests had to order him his first Uber. Dad still has a flip phone, so you know. 

Do you have any advice for a future bride to be/or groom before their wedding?

 No matter how far in advance you try and plan things, you will feel stress in the weeks leading up to the event. The whole process is structured that way. Allow yourself some time each night leading up to it to NOT think about the little details and stressors that you are worried about. You will make your lists, and scramble around for last minute things but when it comes down to it, that morning of the event you will wake up and feel fine. Like, no stress at all. It’s just gone and you are just happy and smiley and laughing the entire time. 

Venue/catering: The Manor House

Make up: SMASH Beauty Bar

Hair: Jessica Borrego – Instagram handle is hairby_jessborrego

Dress: BHLDN

DJ: The Master Piece DJ- Perry Washington

Flowers: Kimball Floral

Dessert: The Bundt Shoppe

“Cake” cutting: Blue Pan Pizza

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