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Tasha and Marko are one of a kind couple. The two met while playing basketball in college and the rest is history. Marko is from Serbia and fell in love with a beautiful American blonde and decided to stay in the US! The two love basketball so much that they included that theme into their wedding. The pair were married on a gorgeous winter day at The Manor House in Littleton. I asked Tasha a couple of questions about their wedding day.

In your words, how did you and Marko meet?

Marko and I definitely have a unique, unconventional story that we love to share! We met in September of 2016 at Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee, Oklahoma. We both played basketball there! Marko and I were both in the cafeteria when we noticed each other. (I mean, how do you miss us– 6’0 and 6’8??). Anyway, we both noticed each other from afar, but never got the chance to talk to each other. That next day, one of my friends on the men’s basketball team asked me if I could take a few of his friends to Walmart because they didn’t have a car. A little reluctantly, I said yes. HOWEVER, to my surprise when we went to pick them up… it was Marko, the new cute guy from the cafeteria!!! (SO glad I decided not to wear my pajamas… ) Being a tall girl, it’s often hard to find taller men, let alone to date! Long story short, we hit it off immediately- running around the Shawnee Walmart on a Tuesday night goofing-off like we had known each other for years. Who would have thought that I would have found the love of my life simply by being a chauffeur to Walmart?? ???? I am very traditional when it comes to dating; in other words, I take things extremely slow and don’t just jump into relationships unless I am 110% certain I can see a future with him. This is where Marko showed his true colors, his patience. Marko and I were best friends for fourteen months until I finally opened my eyes. I was young and scared of getting hurt by someone who grew up on the other side of the world. He stood by my side every step of the way, waiting patiently to realize that I had loved him since the day we met– playing hide-and-go-seek in Walmart. Marko is the true definition of love and patience. In fact, that was the title of the story he told my fourth-grade students on Valentine’s Day, seconds before he proposed in front of all of them– CUTEST THING EVER. Though it was not conventional, I wouldn’t change anything about our story because it led us to where we are today (not to mention it makes a great story to tell our kids one day– and gives motivation to other love-struck boys that they too can make it out of the friend zone). ???? 

 What was your favorite moment of your wedding day?

Our favorite part of our wedding day? Wow. How do you pick one??? Well, one of the best moments was our first look. It was an anticipated moment that I had dreamed about my entire life. In the midst of all the hustle and bustle, time stood still. I peered through the windows of the beautiful Manor House as I saw the man of my dreams preparing to see me for the first time. Wearing the most beautiful gown surrounded by a magical blanket of snow, I was overwhelmed with emotions. I was about to see my future husband for the first time!!! (And I wasn’t wearing sweatpants– would he recognize me??? ????) My heart was racing, half of me wanted to sprint to him and half wanted to just soak at the moment. In that beautiful moment, it was just him and I- no other distractions. I will never forget the first second he saw me. I had never seen that look before, the look of complete captivation. We both immediately started crying and hugging each other. As he took a step back to take a second look, he gasped and said “Whoa!!! BOOBS!” Apparently Marko wasn’t used to me wearing something so fitting haha. It was the sweetest, funniest, and most personal moments of my life so far. Casey did an AMAZING job capturing the raw emotions of this incredible moment. This will always be one of my favorite moments; however, there are some definite runner ups. Walking down the aisle with my dad, towards my husband surrounded by all the ones I love the most. WOW. Can it get better?? Also, the father-daughter mashup was something I will never forget, ending with my entire family attempting to do the dances of our generation (and lets just say we are not a “dancing” family). The sole fact that you are the star of the show is such a surreal feeling. I did the worst dance moves and everyone there cheered as if I was the new winner on Dancing with the Stars. Such an overwhelming moment knowing that those hundreds of people are all there for… YOU. Finally, watching the traditional Serbian dance with EVERYONE on the dance floor participating is another moment that was so special. All in all, the entire wedding day was my favorite moment ????

Were there any funny moments to be remembered forever about your day? Were there any mishaps?

If you know Marko and I, you know that we are not the average couple. We are goofy and don’t care what people think; not only that, but nothing is ever normal around us. There was bound for something funny or a mishap to occur on our wedding day. Well, the sheer fact that the fifth word to come out of Marko’s mouth after seeing me for the first time was….. “Whoa! Boobs!!” isn’t something that either of had planned. Or the fact that he realized he had a microphone on about 30 seconds later and we both couldn’t stop laughing at what just happened. I will never forget that moment!! Another few funny moments were at our ceremony. Our officiant was seconds away from pronouncing us man and wife, but for some reason Marko and I BOTH thought it was time to kiss. Then, we both realized we were a little premature and we both stopped dead in our tracks right before we did, both looking at the audience with the same guilty smiles. The fact that we both did the same thing, with the same expression, and paused to look at the audience—priceless.  Seconds after we kissed (at the right time), we had the song “Forever” by Chris Brown start playing. We started dancing down the aisle because we were finally MARRIED!!! Unfortunately, I went a little overboard because when I threw my hands in the air in celebration, the netting on the back of my dress RIPPED. I can’t make this stuff up…. I had a team of ten ladies (friends, family, staff), all brainstorming ways to keep my dress from falling down. After many trials, errors, dental floss, double stick tape, and ribbons later… we made it work! Moral of the story, at least wait until the reception to go hard on the dance floor. 

Do you have any advice for a future bride to be/or groom before their wedding?

If I could give any advice to a couple about to endeavor on this new journey, it would be to embrace every moment. The day goes by SO fast! Don’t be afraid to stop and take it all in, taking mental pictures of all the special moments. Embrace all of your emotions, it makes everything more authentic. Don’t forget to eat. I know it sounds silly. I am a total foodie, but in the rush and excitement of the whole day– that is the first thing you forget. If you want to make it to the last dance, don’t forget to eat! I would also recommend doing something special for your bridesmaids/groomsmen and/or family. In such an emotional day, you realize how much love you have for all of those people. Every single one of them was so selfless and did everything in their power to make us feel special. Therefore, we wanted to make sure we returned a little of the favor. The

biggest piece of advice I could give is to just be in the moment. Don’t be sad that it goes so fast, enjoy every second because it will be one of the only times you will have ALL of the people you love in one place… celebrating you!!! (Also… practice cutting a cake together first, so you don’t mess it up in front of everyone like we did…. hahaha ???? ) 

Venue: The Manor House

DJ: Masterpiece DJ

Second Photographer: Karen Wigotow

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